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SwiftTec Software Development
Club Membership System
A suite of programs designed to run a club membership database and to track various aspects of a member’s visit to/from the club for use in Health clubs, skateboard parks, or any clubs where a membership database is kept (up to about 10,000 members).

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Standard Reports

The following reports are available as standard:

  • Member Reports - lists of members
    • Member Selection
      • All members or Active members only
      • Members without photos
      • Members of specified type
      • Members with flags set
      • Members joined in given date period
    • Printed Fields - Selectable from all standard member fields
  • Membership reports
    • Members expiring in the specified period
    • Members that expired in the specified period
    • Membership expiring between specified dates
    • Members with birthdays in a given month
    • Membership Summry
  • Visit Reports
    • Visits in specified period showing entries and/or exits
    • Count of visits in specified period
    • Members not visited since a specified date
  • FrontGate Reports - reports activity generated by the FrontGate module. Most of these reports can be resticted to a date range
    • Journal
    • Membership creation and renewal
    • Pass Issue
    • Activity by Operator
    • Member sales activity
    • Detailed sales activity
    • Details sales activity by operator
    • FrontGate Summary
    • FrontGate Summay by operator
  • Pass Reports
    • Pass activity by date and type
    • List of passes
  • Loyalty Points reports
    • Points activity by date
    • Member points table
  • Other reports
    • Members in the current session
    • Special barcodes sheet
    • Transaction barcodes sheet