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DMX LightShow is a family of programs designed to controller lighting and other DMX devices in theatres, clubs. The software family contains offerings for both the large and small user with prices to suit.
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DMX Console

DMXconsole is a program designed to function like a standard DMX lighting console. It has a number of configurations / layouts which can be set in the options. There is a choice of 16, 24, 32, 48 and 64 channel versions of the console. Each channel is assumed to control a single lantern or dimmer.

The console allows for scenes to be recorded and recalled. The number of scenes available depends on the channel configuration selected.

The faders for each channel are animated in real-time and a visual rendering of each lantern is also shown above each fader.

A basic training/demo video is available to view on YouTube.

16 channel console
DMXconsole - 16 channel licence
32 channel console
DMXconsole - 32 channel licence
48 channel console
DMXconsole - 48 channel licence
64 channel console
DMXconsole - 64 channel licence

Detailed information on the operation of the DMXconsole software can be found in the online help.

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