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Song Manager

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Song Leader

SongLeader is one of the modules that forms part of the SwiftTec Song Management System. This module is designed specifically for worship leaders and band leaders as both a song set preparation tool and for use in a live scenario.

Song Set Preparation Tool

SongLeader allows the worship/band leader to easily prepare a song set ready for use in a live settings. The easy-to-use on-screen format uses simple buttons across the top of the screen which allow for the following operations

  • New Song Set
  • Load/Save Song Set
  • Add from song database or file
  • Delete song
  • Edit sequence (the order of verse and choruses, etc)
  • Transpose Up/Down
  • Capo Up/Down
  • Display Profile Selection
  • Update Mode Auto/Manual - only used in a live setting
  • Operation mode - Song or Block
  • Clear text
  • Blackout

The selected songs are listed on the left hand side of the screen in large buttons which show song title and key. Songs can be reordered using the mouse to drag or using key combinations.

Use in a Live Worship/Band Setting

SongLeader is an ideal tool for use when in a live worship/band setting. It works well on a laptop, desktop computer or touchscreen computer and can optionally be used in conjunction with a USB foot controller.

The real power of the SongLeader is found in the way it connects to other computers which provides a easy way of keeping the entire team together. This is done through having a number of followers - free software modules that connect to the leader. Potentially each member of the band/team would have a computer or slave screen running a follower. Whenever the leader changes song, adds or removes a song, transposes or performs other operations the whole band is updated automatically and effortlessly. Using the SwiftTec Song Management system the whole team is literally playing off the same page.

If the leader wants to go back to a specific section of a song they would simple touch the screen or click with the mouse to highlight the song section and all the team will be notified with a highlight on their screen.

Link to the Projection System

If the SwiftTec Song Presenter module is also in use the person operating the main audience/congregation display would also keep in step with the leader via a follower link. Again the presenter software will automatically get a copy of the songs direct from the leader, even if they add a song unexpectedly. The presenter operator would simply click on the automatically added song to disply it to the audience/congregation.

Use for a Worship Leader in a Small Group Setting

The SongLeader software can also be used by a worship leader on their own in a small group setting. If used in conjunction with the SongSlave follower the SongLeader can display either an entire song or individual song blocks (verses, choruses, etc) to the group.

Full Screen or Windowed Mode

The SongLeader and most of the follower modules are designed to work in fullscreen or windowed mode - just double click on the main song area to toggle. This makes the software very adaptable to every situation.

Key Features

  • Works with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Full screen or windowed mode supported with easy toggle
  • Song inserted from files or database
  • Supported up to the licenced number of followers
    • SongFollower - Follows a leader with a degree of control over the display, e.g. transpostion, guitar capo position, etc
    • SongSlave - Follows a leader but without the ability to alter the settings in real-time
    • Presenter - the main presentation system for the audience
    • PresenterFollower - Similar to SongFollower allowing a the person responsible for project words / songs to see where the band is going as soon as a decision is made
  • Multiple display and print formats from a single source file
  • Transpose and capo position
  • Real-time updates across the entire band using networking technology
  • Multiple song formats supported
    • SwiftTec Song (.SONG) - Our native file format with support for all features
    • Presentation Manager .SNG - Read and Write
    • OpenSong - Read Only
    • SongSmart - ReadOnly
    • Plain Text (.TXT) - Read and Write

Download and purchase

You can download the software from our downloads page. You can then run the demo version or request a trial licence key to try the software. Licences can be purchased from the SwiftTec online shop.

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