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The SwiftTec Song Management System is a suite of programs designed for handling the songs for today's church worship groups/teams and bands in general. It allows the creation, editing, printing and viewing of songs. The leader / follower software combinations allows all members of the band to literally be playing from the same page, all effortlessly.
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The following is auto-generated during our software release process.

Version Description
1.0.38 Much improved paste support for SongEditor
Fixed some minor SongEditor bugs.
1.0.37 Fixed issue with transpose not being transmitted when a song set is loaded.
1.0.36 Improved support for multiple local monitors
Added option to set effects, fonts, backgrounds on individual sections of songs
1.0.35 Fixed error in SongLeader which was not transmitting the transpose properly when the initial song sequence was sent to a follower
1.0.34 Further improvements to connection logic to reduce unnecessary re-connection issues
1.0.33 Fix issue with Presenter when an image in the media database causes a crash
Fix issue with disconnection errors
1.0.32 Added SongMonitor diagnostic tool to help diagnose network related issues and communication failures
Fixed some underlying code which could cause songleader to crash when exiting
Fixed songleader follower thread to observe next TX status more closely and abandon connection in event of failure.
Added Preferred SongLeader to registry
Changed song database filename to include computer name for better support when on dropbox folder
1.0.31 Added support for multiple leaders to presenter
Fixed issue with image lists not displaying correctly in presenter
Fixed issue with web page display in presenter
Improved song filter in song leader
1.0.30 Fixed bug in song leader introduced with beat display which broke the sequence editing
Improved beat display in leader and followers
Added initial support to handle multiple leaders on a single network
1.0.29 Fixed bug introduced in previous version where screen did not restore correctly after blackout
Found and fixed issue in underlying libraries which may have caused instability when network clients disconnected
1.0.28 Added support for displaying webpages
Changed presenter log handling
Improved projector message filtering
Added tempo and time signature support
Added flashing beat window to leader and follower
1.0.27 Added new code to try and prevent crash when connection to leader is lost
Added status message to SongFollower to indicate loss of connection to the leader
1.0.26 Minor bug fixes to try and fix issues when leader connection is lost (sometimes followers and presenter would crash)
Leave song lists intact in case of lost of connection to leader in all followers to better cope with intermittent network access.
1.0.25 Improved chord display for viewer, leader and followers
1.0.24 Fixed powerpoint viewer control issues
1.0.23 Fixed problem in SongEditor which caused crash when backspacing at the start of a song block
Fixed issue in database manager which caused crash after editing a song
Fixed song database sorting issue in Presenter, SongLeader and SongDatabaseManager
Added Create/Edit song functions to SongLeader
Added Song Update support to all followers so that song edits are replicated across all folowers
1.0.22 Fixed bug in editor that caused it to corrupt song files when saving
1.0.21 Presenter: Added support for powerpoint presentations (single local projector only)
Presenter: Added better support for multiple media types
Presenter: Added text playlist type
Presenter: Fixed playlist load/save issues
1.0.20 Fixed issue with SongEditor not accepting shortcut keys in exclusive mode
Added better bible support to Presenter
Added Bible Database Manager
Added Opensong XMM bible import support
Added Presenter Manager bible import support
Fixed bug in underlying XML library when reagin special characters
Fixed bug in song library when encoding lines containing special chars
Added a simple media player and media database
1.0.19 Much improved the presenter module, now supports bibles and images
Added support for SongSmart file format
Add block mode support to SongSlave
Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements
1.0.18 Added song database support into SongLeader
Added sequence editing into SongLeader
SongLeader tracks last song and songset folders independently
Added SNGusersetup to allow users to modify their setup (folder locations)
1.0.17 Added song bundles to SongLeader (song sets where the song files are embedded rather than referenced)
SongEditor now supports pasting from text with interleaved text/lyric lines
Much improved handling of network dropouts and reconnections
Followers now handle multiple leaders better - will automatically connect to first found and auto-connect to next one when first one exists.
Added initial support for song section sequences in both editor and SongLeader
1.0.16 Completely reworked song editor
Added support for new song block types (Misc, PreChorus, Intro, Ending)
Added support for song block targets (All, Leader, Band, Audience)
Added ProfileEditor to allow creation and editing of song display profiles
Added database manager to allow the import and editing of songs in a database
Updated support in the SongEditor for editing songs in the database
Fixed bug where text in buttons did not shrink so text would overflow boxes when too small
Added intial version of Presenter module (beta version) which includes support for song text with colours, transitions and backgrounds. (Bibles and other objects not yet supported)
Added Projection system to installer
Added Display Profile Editor
1.0.15 Minor update to improve demo version
1.0.14 Added move and delet support to leader
Added block/song mode to leader
Added songlistfollower
Use new release of advert package
Added blackout and clear text buttons
1.0.13 Fixed UTF-8 problem
Improved Icons
Added paste option to editor
1.0.12 Beta release - no editor change
1.0.11 WIP
1.0.10 Ongoing development
1.0.9 Fixed bug in songset
1.0.8 First beta release of SongLeader
1.0.7 Fixed error causing crash on help/about
Use 2010 compiler
1.0.5 Added help files, and splash/about images
1.0.4 First general release
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