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SwiftMBS is a suite of programs designed to combined the Club Membership, Loyalty Tracking and POS applications into a suite of integrated applications whilch will handle a membership database and to track member activity. SwiftMBS is intended for use by clubs, shops, bars and restaurants and any establishment which sells items or handles membership. It will handle visit logging, loyalty points, stock tracking, receipt printing and has integrated membership and loyalty systems (depends on licences purchased).
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Standard Member Data Fields

The following data fields are stored for each member:

  • Member ID
  • Member Code
  • Date of joining club
  • Memership expiry date
  • Group account (when active)
  • Member name (title, first and surname)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender*
  • Member type*
  • Photo (from file or webcam)
  • Address (street, town, county, postcode)
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • E-Mail Address
  • Emergency Contact Info (name, relationship to member, address)
  • Standard Flags (Cancelled, Banned, Suspended)
  • 32 User Defined Flags*
  • Pending Transactions
  • User Defined Fields*
  • Notes (A free form text field)

* = Can be defined by user using admin tool

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